What is Ninja Slayer? Edit

Ninja slayer is a novel written by Bradley Bond-san and Philip Ninj@ Morzez-san. This novel is translated and published on twitter by Honda Yuu-san and Sugi Leika-san.

But unfortunately, only Japanese version is currently available. So this wiki had been created to spread this amazing novel to the world and, ultimately, to republish original books.

Story Edit

The story takes place in the future where whole world is connected by the electronic network and cybernetic technologies are common. Colonizing space is considered as a childish dream. People live in the gray megalocity and escape to cyberspace night by night. Mega-corps which have stronger power than government are in control of the nation. Here you are in Neo-Saitama, the capital of Japan, which takes a closed-door policy.

And in this dystopia-like world, legendary beings which were thought to be products of imagination are active behind the scenes: ninjas.

Fujikido Kenji, a middle-class ordinary salary-man (a Japanese typical office worker), was unluckily involved in a conflict between ninja organizations. His wife and his son were killed and Fujikido himself was also fatally injured. However, on the verge of death, a mysterious ninja soul possessed him and he revived as Ninja Slayer, a ninja who slays ninjas.

The revenge drama of Ninja Slayer is the main theme of the novel. Also, many episodes have the focus on attractive guest characters. Moreover, you will enjoy extreme battles by many ninjas.

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