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Welcome to the Ninja Slayer Multilingual Database Wiki[]

Domo, visitor-san. This wiki is about Ninja Slayer, the cyberpunk ninja action novel series written by two Americans, Bradley Bond-san and Philip Ninj@ Morzez-san. Yeaaaart!!
The purpose of this Wiki that to accumulate various language translation words of Ninja Slayer, and to explain cultural and historical background. We hope this Wiki help you to enjoy and understand Ninja Slayer.
This Wiki has been edited jointly by people from different countries. Like the novel's international fandom itself, this page is also in its infancy, so we desperately need your cooperation now. If you notice any missing information or any grammatical or other errors, please feel free to add or correct them.

日本語版読者の皆さんへ(For visitors from Japan)[]



Portals of Ninja Slayer official contents[]

English version is available now!!!
This site was made ​​for republication of Ninja Slayer in its home country.
This is the place that is most appropriate for you to read Ninja Slayer for the first time.
For English version of the novel, also see the official Facebook.
"Ninja Slayer from Animation" is coming in 2015. Be prepared.
Handing production is Studio Trigger. Main theme by Boom Boom Satellites.
The website is available in English and Japanese.
Ninja Slayer will be posted to Twitter first. Anyone can read it for free.
After that, it will be printed and published as a book in paper. This is the official site of the books.
It would be helpful for you to follow the latest information of the publication.
Latest information of Ninja Slayer is posted here. (In Japanese)
English version of "Zero Tolerant Sansui", the very first story of Ninja Slayer, is also available.
Latest episode of Ninja Slayer is posted to this account by The Translation Team.
(The Translation Team are translating Ninja Slayer from English to Japanese according to supervision of authorship.)
Ninja Heads read the posts in real-time, and talk about the episode with each other using #njslyr hashtag.
There are official rules of #njslyr hashtag.
  • Do not tweet a private conversation that is not related to Ninja Slayer with #njslyr tag. Hashtag is public space.(Like audience seats at music venue.)
  • Prohibit hate speech against sports teams, game hardwares, political ideas, religion, nationality and other principles.
  • The official account does not reply to your reply.
The important thing is love, respect, and love.
If you have any questions, it's a good idea to ask the Ninja Heads.
In most cases, they will kindly help you.
In addition, on #ウキヨエ tag you can see and post fan arts by Ninja Heads.
(ウキヨエ means Ukiyo-e, Japanese woodblock prints and paintings)
No problem even if you can not read Japanese.

World Wide Ninja Heads' Communities[]

This wiki is created by Japanese Ninja Heads. (Fans of Ninja Slayer are called "Ninja Heads".)
If you want to know more about Ninja Slayer, reading this site by machine translation would be the best.
At present, not too much information of Ninja Slayer is written in English. (We hope that you write about Ninja Slayer.)
The Twitter icon editor for to appeal the world that you are Ninja Heads. Gouranga!
In the estimation of The Translation Team, there are 300 million Ninja Heads in Japan.
Ninja Heads believe it.
(In fact, Japanese population is 120 million. However it's a trivial matter.)



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