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◆忍◆Ninja Directory #01 Ninja Slayer◆殺◆

Kenji Fujikido, a salary-man who had his family killed and fatally injured, was possessed by an unidentified ninja soul and revived from hell. His power comes from his superhuman physical ability and strong hatred towards all ninjas.

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Unique jitsuEdit


  • Hooked rope with a winch (made by DOUGU Ltd.)
He uses it in various situations. It's actually useful, and saves Ninja Slayer's life many times.
The rope is made from CNT(Carbon Nano Tube), and it is unconductive and don't snap even if it is slashed by a blade.
  • Hardened Tupperware
He uses it when he carries sushi or material evidence of ninja that he picked up at the scene.
  • Omamori tarisman
Omamori means tarisman, but the redundancy does not matter.
He wears it around his neck. Photo of his family, antidote, silver key and other small but important things are in it.
  • Disguise clothes
A trench coat and hunting cap to disguise himself as "Ichiro Morita", an assumed his identity.
He whips out them out of nowhere and changes his clothes in a blink of an eye.
  • Ninja pill
Pills which Ninja Slayer keeps in his purse.
It seems to be a mixture of maguro powder and some kind of medicinal herb. It works as a restorative and antidote. He often uses it to mortal(ordinary people).
  • Business cards
Black-colored cards with no information except for his name,"Ninja Slayer".

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