Around Ninja ErasEdit

Very oldFirst ninja was born.
Ninja period
Dark AgesNinja Wars started.
Battle of Muhon, end of Ninja Wars.
Heian period
Heian periodHeian period started. Hagane Ninja reigned over all ninjas.
Hagane Ninja Fallen.
The Ninja Six Knights were exiled by Soga Ninja.
Naraku Ninja appeared.
Naraku Ninja was defeated by Yamato Ninja.
Bull Heike defeated and Benke Ninja.
Miyamoto Masashi traveled all around Japan.
End of Heian periodNinja Era entered in its decline.
Oda ninja was defeated by Akechi Ninja.
Edo wars started.
At the Battle for Sekibahara, mortals defeated ninjas.
Ninjas did Harakiri ritual in Kinkaku temple.
Edo period start

After Y2KEdit

A.D. 2000Y2K problem occurred. Much UNIX and UNIX engineers were lost all over the world.
After Y2K The dream of the space colonization was abandoned by the mass outbreak of the space debris and reckless use of the multi-national fractional orbit bombardment system.
Descension of ninja souls started.
Small pole shift and Mt.Fuji eruption occurred.
Mega Torii Corporation was weakened by the issue of Y2K collapse.
The electronic war occurred all over the world on both logical and physical sides.

The war was caused by the scramble for IP resources.

Electronic war EMP disorder outbreak. Physical and electronic national seclusion policy of Japan started.
After Electronic war Abduction of Diplomat and Ambassador.
Collapse of Marenimiru company. Fujio Katakura became Dark Ninja.
Marunouchi conflict Fuyuko and Tochinoki, Fujikido Kenji's wife and son, were killed. Fujikido became Ninja Slayer.
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